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The Process

It Takes One Click to Earn a Year of Commission.

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps.


1. Register with Travod

Fill in the form to sign up for the Referral Program and receive a unique code. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email confirming that your registration has been received.

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2. Refer a Contact

We'll register your contact into our project-management system, and you can then redeem your code. Recommend your referrals and get them to use your unique one-time code when they place their initial orders.


3. Reap the Rewards

Use our monthly reporting system to see how much you're earning. You'll receive a referral fee of 7% for each invoice we send to your contact during the year. Your referral will get a 5% discount off their first project.

Your reference is valuable to us! It's like earning up to $1,000 per month

Why Should You Refer Us?

It has never been easier to earn money for referring new business to Travod. We take great pride in our quality and approach to every project, and we focus on delivering customer satisfaction every time. Here's why you should refer us:

Quality Assurance

Our customers get the highest quality at a reasonable price. We use a double revision process to ensure the highest quality.

Subject Matter Expertise

We have a global team of over 25,000 linguists, translators, and reviewers, so that each project is matched with the right professional.

Scale Fast

We respond fast to customers' expectations thanks to our well-integrated project management system.

Fast Response Times

Our dedicated resources ensure that we respond to every query within 20 minutes.

On-Time Delivery

All projects are delivered by the agreed deadlines. We aim to deliver most projects before the deadline.


Each translation project is developed by our team so that it fits your budget perfectly.

Questions & Answers

If there's a question for which you couldn't find an answer, write to us at welcome@travod.com and we'll get in touch soon.

1. How do I know I am part of the Travod Partner Program?

Once you receive your unique Referral code, you can pass it on to your friends, acquaintances, partners or anyone you think might benefit from using our services. Once that referral uses the code for their FIRST order, we'll send you an email notification to say that the program has kicked off. The code can only be used once by your contacts, so if we're already working with them, the referral will be void.

2. When can I start earning from the partner program?

You will start earning commission the moment your referral places an order. You'll then receive the money within a month of the time your referral transfers payment for the project. In addition, you'll continue to receive money for all orders that the client places within the first 12 months. Please note that the referral fee will be paid out once the amount of the referral savings reaches a minimum of 500 in the currency in which the referral paid us for their order. Be aware, therefore, that there is a minimum savings amount to be reached before payments are made.

3. Will I receive the referral reward in cash or as credit for Travod's services?

We pay the referral reward in cash. You'll receive the 7% referral fee on all the orders we receive from your contacts during the first year.

4. In which currency will my reward be paid to me?

You'll receive your referral reward in the currency in which your referral paid Travod for its order.

5. How will I know that my contact is working with you, so that I don’t miss out one payment?

We truly value your recommendation, which is why, each month, we'll send you a pay sheet detailing the orders your contacts have placed in the last month. That way, you can keep track of all the projects we're working on for your referrals. This will allow you to determine whether your referral commission has reached 500 USD/EUR/GBP, so that you can receive your payment. Remember, your unique code can only be used once.

6. Who can participate in the program?

Anyone can become a Travod referral partner. However, each referral client must pass our validation process to ensure legitimacy. The validation process doesn't apply to current clients who wish to participate in the program and recommend our services to their referral contacts.

7. Is there a limit to how many people I can refer to Travod?

No! You can make as many referrals to Travod as you wish, as long as each referral is for a client that has not been referred to us previously. Simply sign up to receive your one-time referral code. The code can only be used once.

8. For how long is the partner program valid?

Travod's partner program is valid for one year from the date on which your referral places its first order with us using your unique referral code.

9. How do you calculate and pay my referral fee?

We make a payment on the 15th of the month, during the first year of our collaboration with your referrals. Before we pay you, you will receive a pay sheet setting out all the orders that the referral placed that month. We effect payment via bank transfer, PayPal or Skrill. Remember, payment is made only once the referral reward reaches at least 500 EUR/USD/GBP, otherwise it will be incorporated into the next month.

10. Can I use a referral number from one of your partners if I am already working with Travod?

Unfortunately, you can't. The unique referral code may only be used by people who aren't already working with Travod. You can still sign up for the Referral Program, though, and earn commission from any contacts you refer. Remember, the referral code can only be used once.

11. How will you know the referral is from me?

Make sure you ask the client to use the one-time referral code, which you received when you signed up, when placing their order.

12. Do I have to have a separate code for each person I refer to Travod?

No. You should use the same code for all your referrals - as many as you wish. Remember, though, that your contacts can only use the code once.

13. I am a translator, but I don’t want to lose my private clients – what can I do?

We promise never to take any orders from your hard-won clients. All you've got to do is let us know the situation! We'll make sure that the clients for the language pairs in which you specialize remain yours alone. If you like, though, we'll accept orders from clients for translations into your native language and pass those assignments on to you. Besides payment for the work, you will also receive a 7% commission on the total value of the order.

14. Which Travod services can be referred?

• Translation of any kind: legal, marketing, technical texts, medical etc.
• Localisation of games, apps, web pages, websites and software
• Transcription and subtitling
• Editing and proofreading
• Linguistic testing
• Desktop publishing

To find out more about our services, please visit the Services page.

15. Is there a minimum amount that will be transferred or paid, or will I receive a payment every month even if the referral reward is small?

We'll transfer your referral reward each month, provided that the total amount is a minimum of 500 EUR/GBP/USD. If your referral fee is 500 or above each month, we'll pay you monthly. If the fee is smaller, it will be carried over to the next month. Once you've accumulated a minimum of 500, you will receive your payment.

16. How do you determine whether a partner is legitimate?

We use a verification process that takes 7 to 10 days from the date of registration. We'll send you an email with further instructions. Note: this verification process does not apply to our current clients. Travod reserves the right to refuse registration without providing further details.

17. Is my personal information safe?

We are committed to the safety of your personal information and data. Please see our Security Policy to find out how we keep your information safe.


Your form has been completed successfully!

Your form has been completed successfully!

Please check your email. You will receive instructions on how to proceed further and become our referral partner.

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Travod reserves the right to refuse registration without further details.

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