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QA Tools

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It is safe to say that the reliability of a product or service — in essence, its consistency — is the most significant factor when it comes to acceptance by the market. Therefore, to guarantee the reliability of each translation, we subject the work to a thorough process of quality assurance. From the project manager to the linguist, then from the project manager to the editor and back again, the integrity of your translated content is guaranteed with the help of the industry’s latest QA technology.

Travod uses a number of tools to carry out this process.

  • Xbench
  • QA Distiller 9
  • LTB 3
  • Y-Snell
  • Verifika


Additionally, we incorporate the QA checkers in SDL Studio, Memsource, MemoQ and all the other platforms that we use into the process.
At Travod, we don’t just use a programme, we master it.

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