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Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) specialists can convert any type of document into a fully-functional, editable text, ready for translation by a skilled linguist. With DTP, even an old or damaged document can be converted for accurate dissemination to the target audience of readers, whether in the government, academic, commercial, private or public sector.

The document(s) you submit will be accorded the confidentiality and respect they deserve. Each of your documents will promptly be merged into the project management workflow, which covers everything from scheduling to DTP (if required), translation and editorial review. We will, of course, include any layout or media work that is requested in the project flow, always adhering with dedication to the delivery schedule specified.

Travod’s technology encompasses all the current formats, and emerging file types are quickly added in order to meet the needs of the marketplace. Even if you can’t see your preferred file format in the list below, simply send us a file and we’ll identify the most appropriate solution.

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