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API Custom Integration

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You may already have a favourite CAT tool, and we can quickly incorporate that tool into the process we use for your project. Chances are, we will already have a high level of fluency in your chosen tool; we make a point of acquiring new products as they come online.

Travod has developed a range of tools and solutions based on the integration of application program interfaces (API). Thanks to API integration, we can work within your system, in all its digital manifestations. This means that it’s no longer necessary to shuttle revisions back and forth in formats that don’t readily fit in with the ones you use. You can forego the hassle of the old cut-and-paste methods. Instead, we’ll provide all the necessary translations for your prompt review and approval, doing so in a manner that’s as close to real-time as possible. Because the translation workflow is streamlined, each phase of production is complete and more secure. This greatly reduces the likelihood of any essential information being dropped or lost. API integration ensures accuracy in translation and full functionality for all your apps, websites and databases.

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