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Language, despite its rules and traditions, is never truly static. It evolves together with us. It changes and grows, expanding its vocabulary to accommodate new knowledge and discoveries in culture, science, commerce, law and politics. The technology of translation changes just as dramatically, as new tools are incorporated into tried-and-trusted methodologies. In recent years, this has brought Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) to the fore as a means of verifying, recording and tracking terminologies as they are converted into different languages. The use of CAT tools allows us to process more information faster and more accurately, so that you, in turn, can benefit more readily from the work we do.

Travod boasts some truly comprehensive capabilities when it comes to the assimilation and use of CAT tools. We’ve seen them all, and we use the very best.

SDL Trados Studio

We can also use a number of other online translation programmes, just ask your project manager:

  • SmartCAT
  • XTM
  • MateCat
  • Wordfast
  • Déjà Vu
  • Transit
  • … and others.


Read your benefits with Travod Technology

efficient project monitoring

Efficient project monitoring

The fluency and flexibility of Travod’s translation process means that every project manager is able to know exactly how quickly his or her linguists are working, how many segments have been completed and when the last file will be delivered. Naturally, the professionalism of our linguists is an essential ingredient. In order for the system to function with the utmost efficiency, we select the most suitable, highly qualified and experienced translators for every assignment we receive.

workflow automation

Workflow automation

Automated workflow merges each completed file into the review process, which functions concurrently with the translation of subsequent files. Thus, thanks to intelligent workflow automation, your project is taken through the translation process with the greatest possible efficiency. This process is one we’ve refined through years of effort, and it ensures a constant flow of translation, review and management recording.

terminology management

Effective terminology management

The careful supervision of project vocabulary, specifically through translation memories, provides the consistency which is essential to documentation, correspondence, outreach, marketing, sales and every other aspect of message dissemination. We will use the terminology specific to your subject area, industry or brand identity, adding new elements without diminishing the clarity of existing terms. Moreover, each linguist who takes part in the project will use the same approved vocabulary.


Translation productivity

The integration of technology into the translation workflow can result in significant gains in productivity. However, whilst technology will never take the place of a professional linguist, it can facilitate greater speed and efficiency. At Travod, our linguists employ a system of sophisticated programmes and tools in order to complete more documents, more quickly. We’ll earn your trust because of the way we treat all your projects.


Your documentation is collectively considered an asset, so it goes without saying that it needs to be managed effectively. Travod fulfils this objective with tools such as Translation Memory (TM), which helps you to lower translation costs over time as your translation requirements increase. TM tools store previously translated content so that the linguist can focus on new material and simply check the previous content for contextual matches.

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