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Words matter. Words have enormous power.

We simply help you harness that power around the world.


Did you know it takes a total of just 14 languages to reach 90% of the world’s population?

People are less likely to engage with a brand — or make a purchase — if the content isn’t in their native language. Travod delivers customised translations in 100+ languages, so you can relax — because we’ll make sure you reach global audiences in a language they understand. All translation requests are assigned within 20 minutes, and our 24/7, 365-day project management commitment means your content gets delivered fast.

Our customised network consists of qualified native speakers with extensive subject matter expertise in a wide range of industries. We’ll use this knowledge to create the perfect multilingual content experience for you and your audience: one that’s natural, accurate, and culturally appropriate for each target market.

Travod translation and localisation services span all content types, including marketing, web, technical manuals, learning materials, software, multimedia, and legal and financial texts. Once your project has been translated, every single word is checked using rigorous quality assurance processes.