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Project Management

We offer instant support, regardless of the job and target language. All our project managers are superheroes and super-fast in the delivery of all translation needs!

TRAVOD’s team of experienced project managers seamlessly manage and coordinate the completion of all translation tasks throughout the entire project life-cycle, including translation resources, technology tools, translation memories (TMs), glossaries and delivery schedules.

Our key strengths include:

    • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment to assign, prepare, monitor and communicate key project milestones: urgency is no problem
    • Coordination of large, high-volume multilingual projects. We will assign and manage multiple linguists. One client project involved 18 linguists who worked harmoniously together within the same TM to deliver consistent, accurate content
    • Constant liaise and communication to ensure everything is on time and within budget
    • Regular checks to meet quality and accuracy targets


Our project managers are just awesome. Once you hand over your project request, they make it their priority to oversee all aspects of each translation project so you have nothing to worry about.