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Going fishing in international waters is a no-brainer. 

Culture, customs, currency.

Most large companies have an ambition to go global with their products and services. When it comes to increasing the client base, going fishing in international waters is a no-brainer. What’s often forgotten is that when we take the leap to go global, we must also go local. A spray and pray attitude, where you simply make all of your existing material available around the world just won’t cut it. If you want to globalize, you have got to “glocalize”.

Localization is more than just language, though. The information must also be localized to make it relevant to the geographical region where the consumer is reading it. Culture, customs and currency are the three big Cs you need to think about. Customers will simply not commit if they don’t fully comprehend what you’re offering.

We help companies get a leg up on to the international stage by localizing websites and software content and ensuring that their potential customers have all the information they need to purchase and enjoy their products. Our goal is to eliminate and reduce local resistance by producing an end result that looks and feels as if it was especially created for your target audience.