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Words matter. Words have enormous power.

We simply help you harness that power around the world.


Did you know it takes a total of just 14 languages to reach 90% of the world’s population?

People are less likely to engage with a brand — or make a purchase — if the content isn’t in their native language. Travod delivers customised translations in 100+ languages, so you can relax — because we’ll make sure you reach global audiences in a language they understand. All translation requests are assigned within 20 minutes, and our 24/7, 365-day project management commitment means your content gets delivered fast.

Our customised network consists of qualified native speakers with extensive subject matter expertise in a wide range of industries. We’ll use this knowledge to create the perfect multilingual content experience for you and your audience: one that’s natural, accurate, and culturally appropriate for each target market.

Travod translation and localisation services span all content types, including marketing, web, technical manuals, learning materials, software, multimedia, and legal and financial texts. Once your project has been translated, every single word is checked using rigorous quality assurance processes.


We’ve all seen examples of bad marketing translations. Mistranslated taglines and advertising slogans could cost a brand millions in terms of equity and lost revenue, and even more in credibility. How does this happen? It’s the result of a direct — sometimes machine-driven — linguistic translation that’s missing colloquialisms and a human touch. To create an impact in local markets, branded content sometimes needs to be recreated, but not through robotic texts. 

Transcreation involves culturally adapting content from one language to another through linguistic copywriting. Transcreation often gets used in global marketing and advertising campaigns as part of an overall localization strategy. That’s where we come in. Travod’s transcreation professionals develop content that gives a natural experience to your target audience…without losing your brand’s style or tone.

We can help with the following:
  • Branding materials
  • Advertising (print & digital)
  • E-mail marketing
  • Product & sales brochures
  • PR, corporate & partner communications
Editing & Proofreading

Travod offers full editing and proofreading as part of our fast, on-demand translation and localization services. Supported by our global professional network, each Travod translation project goes through a translation-editing-proofing (TEP) process to verify content accuracy and quality expectations. 

The process of editing and proofreading is an important part of the methods we use to check for errors and inconsistencies that may occur during translation. We pay special attention to terminology, jargon, and subject matter to make sure your global brand is correctly represented in any of our 100 target languages. Each project gets edited and proofread by an in-country, native speaker to make final adjustments. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that your text is a true reflection of the original. It will meet your localization goals.

Technology tools

Travod employs the best translation tools, such as computer-aided translators (CAT) to help establish translation memories and glossaries. Technology and innovation drive our fast, efficient translations.

Our main in-house tools:

  • SDL
  • Wordfast
  • Transit
  • Memsource
  • Across

We never translate twice. Our leading language technology helps us streamline the process to produce cost-effective translations and ensure total consistency across global brands. If you already have translated materials, why not create a TM or glossary for them?


When content is translated into multiple languages, quality is key. Each project must receive the relevant checks and controls to ensure all quality expectations are met in all target languages.

LQA is an integral part of Travod’s translation services. We continuously analyze and check projects to ensure quality standards are in line with client instructions, including the use of glossaries and translation memories. We believe final content must be accurate, consistent and in-line with any language and terminology guides.

LQA Scorecard

We utilize the Travod LQA scorecard to rate each translation project as part of the overall translation process. Travod delivers full LQA reports and scores to give you the confidence that content has been thoroughly checked and reviewed.

Our rigorous LQA process guarantees quality and reduces the number of iterations, saving you time and money. It’s all part of our fast, high quality translation service.


Going fishing in international waters is a no-brainer.
Culture, customs, currency.


Most large companies have the ambition of going global with their products and services. When it comes to increasing the client base, going fishing in international waters is a no-brainer. What’s often forgotten is that when we take the plunge and go global, we also need to go local. A ‘spray and pray’ attitude, where you simply make all your existing material available around the world, simply won’t cut it. If you want to globalize, you have to “glocalise”.

Localisation is more than just language, though. The information must also be localised to make it relevant to the geographical region in which the consumer is reading it. Culture, customs and currency are the three big Cs you need to think about. Customers will simply not commit if they don’t fully comprehend what you’re offering.

We help companies get a leg-up onto the international stage by localising websites and software content and ensuring that their potential customers have all the information they need to purchase and enjoy their products.

Our goal is to eliminate and reduce local resistance by producing an end result that looks and feels as if it was specially created for your target audience.

Software Localization

Software production and development is a crowded marketplace. Producing software products that are localized to local markets is a key differentiator. Agile development and responsiveness are crucial, and those are approaches we take with our software localization services. Travod’s business model is based on agility and fast response!

Our specialized translators have experience working in agile, responsive environments. They expertly translate apps, user interfaces, strings, updates, customer support and help pages. All aspects of localization and internationalization are taken into consideration to produce local software products that people want to use.

Website Localization

Research consistently shows that online customers prefer to search and buy in their own language. That makes sense, doesn’t it? In fact, 56% of consumers say the ability to obtain information in their language is more important than price.

Web users want a good online experience; they want to be engaged in a natural way. The online experience must be seamless and culturally relevant to each local market, from websites, payment systems, UI and product descriptions to customer support, user-generated content, social media and general digital marketing.

Travod’s professional translation network delivers web content localization services for more than 6000 global brands in more than 100 languages. Our network of translators work to provide content that meets your web needs and objectives, whether it’s increasing user sessions and site traffic or boosting e-commerce revenue and customer loyalty.

Our website localizations have helped our clients to:

  • Reduce number of abandoned carts
  • Improve conversions from click-throughs
  • Increase subscriber numbers

From a technical perspective, we have the capability to work with a variety of alphabets and character sets, directly from the source files, so that your multilingual sites can be ready to go, regardless of the technology your developers use. We adapt, so you don’t have to.

Desktop Publishing

Looks really do matter.


Did you know that Russian generally comes out 40% longer than English? Content has to look good in order to create the right impact, but sometimes it gets shifted in the translation process and throws off the page design. Travod DTP (desktop publishing) experts solve tricky translation matters related to formatting, such as text expansion.

A misplaced word in a graphic, diagram or table could completely alter the true meaning of the content. One of the final stages in our process, multilingual desktop publishing makes translated content ready for print or digital publishing in each target language.

Travod’s DTP experts have the resources to work with leading DTP tools and applications, to get your content looking great. Fast, accurate DTP integration is no problem for us!


Project Management

We offer instant support, regardless of the job and target language. All our project managers are superheroes and super-fast in the delivery of all translation needs!


Travod’s team of experienced project managers seamlessly manage and coordinate the completion of all translation tasks throughout the entire life-cycle of the project, including translation resources, technology tools, translation memories (TMs), glossaries and delivery schedules.

Our key strengths include:

    • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment to assign, prepare, monitor and communicate key project milestones: urgency is no problem;
    • Coordination of large, high-volume multilingual projects. We will assign and manage multiple linguists. One particular client project involved 18 linguists who worked harmoniously together, using the same TM, to deliver consistent, accurate content;
    • Constant liaising and communication to ensure everything is on time and under budget;
    • Regular checks to meet quality and accuracy targets.


Our project managers are simply awesome. Once you hand over your project request, they make it their number one priority to oversee all aspects of each translation project, so that you have nothing to worry about.


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All requests are assigned within 20 minutes, and our 24/7, 365-day project management
commitment means your content gets delivered fast.

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