October 14, 2016
Our Expertise

We work with a number of at least 40 clients in the automotive sector who rely on our expertise to deliver multilingual materials that reach customers all over the world. All TRAVOD translation requests are assigned within 20 minutes and go through rigorous QA processes to ensure the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

Our global network of global translators fully understands the translation requirements for complex technical materials developed in this industry sector. As well as specializing translators and linguists, we have DTP experts who maintain technical content and graphics. We provide feedback on projects to help organizations develop technical content with translation and localization in mind.

For example, we consider space allocated for labels on technical drawings because some texts can expand during the translation process. Did you know Russian and German can be a lot longer than English? We do, and we use many years of translation experience to develop multilingual content that enables you to achieve your global business objectives.