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I could keep going, but I'm sure you get the point. As the late, great Jim Rohn used to say: "Success is nothing more than a few."

Why we joined: So, if you want to lead a successful life, it's crucial that you learn how to master your habits. Here's how.

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We like urgent. We like complex. We like to be challenged. Our team thrives on producing our of this world results colmplicated requests.

Why we joined: Working with Travod will take your bussiness to another level. A global level, with excellence as an absolute.

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If you perceive the reward as positive, you'll want to repeat the loop again the next time the cue shows up. If you repeat it enough times.

Why we joined: Let's go through each of the habit loop parts and look at the most powerful strategies for mastering them.

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The problem, of course, is that it rarely works. Instead, what typically happens is that we overwhelm ourselves and quit shortly after.

Why we joined: Forget about the long-term results, and instead make the habit so ridiculously wase you can't say no


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