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Our vision is one of breaking down international communication barriers and helping businesses to flourish, and this is why we're proud to be members of the following associations.

Gala Global


Globalisation and Localisation Association (GALA) is a non-profit international trade association within the language industry. The purpose of the organisation is to support members and the language sector by sharing knowledge and creating global language communities.

Why we joined:Travod is proud to be a member of GALA, which delivers extreme value to our business by allowing us access to expert resources, thus ensuring visibility and the opportunity to participate in a range of industry initiatives.

Translators Without Borders


Translators Without Borders, a non-profit organisation, works to close language gaps and overcome the barriers that encumber international and humanitarian development around the world. It strives to bring forth information in the language of the target population, increasing access to knowledge.

Why we joined:Travod is passionate about overcoming language barriers and ensuring that local populations can access information and services in their respective dialects, as we believe this will encourage greater understanding and development.

American Translators Association


The American Translators Association, the collective voice of interpreters and translators, offers access to expert specialists in a broad range of fields. The association offers certification for linguists, by means of which interpreters and translators alike can develop in their careers.

Why we joined: Travod prides itself on offering translators and interpreters in a range of fields to ensure there's an expert to match your project. ATA membership means we have access to professionals whose experience aligns with our perspective and requirements.

Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry


The Franco-British Chamber offers great opportunities for people in this business community to connect and develop their careers. It aims to help members in France and Britain enhance their reputation, and it assists with the setting up of businesses in both countries.

Why we joined: Travod is passionate about bridging divides in countries, and being a member of the Franco-British Chamber gives us the chance to reach out and help businesses establish themselves in terms of localisation and translation.

Common Sense Advisory


Common Sense Advisory (CSA) is an independent market research firm. CSA supports individuals in the areas of translation, localisation, interpreting, internationalisation, globalisation, marketing, international strategy, market intelligence, web content, and procurement.

Why we joined: At Travod we believe that being informed makes us stay relevant. Insights that CSA provides assist us in the decision-making process as well as it gives us a valuable insight over the translation and localisation industry.


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