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Travel & Leisure

The global travel industry depends on localization and translation to gain customer loyalty and increase revenue — especially for online travel organizations.

Travel and Leisure is one of the world’s largest industries. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) predicts it will have a global value of US$10.8 trillion by 2018. Large online travel-and-leisure brands particularly rely on localization and translation to create a seamless user experience that keeps customers happy. It’s a fast-moving, competitive industry and TRAVOD’s on-demand translation services are perfectly suited to meet the demands of leading brands around the world.

Any travel content published to gain customer loyalty and ultimately increase sales must speak directly to a customer. Every touch-point must contain content that is truly localized and culturally appropriate so each traveler has a great experience. For many leading travel brands, content is the core of the business model. From gaining attention through an online banner ad and browsing the main website to making e-commerce bookings and follow-up customer support and reviews, companies need precise communications.

Content must be continually created to stay competitive and current. Therefore, translation and localization play a strategic role in the global travel-and-leisure industry. We also have the translation expertise and scalability to meet the needs of many travel-and-leisure operators. TRAVOD works with many brands in the travel-and-leisure industry to help them reach new language markets and succeed in a busy, global marketplace:

  • Online travel
  • Air travel
  • Accommodation
  • Food & drink
  • Sports & leisure
  • Cruise lines
  • Luxury travel
  • Eco-tourism
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