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Tech Engineering

Global organisations working in technical and engineering industry sectors require high quality, accurate translations.


Industrial sectors, such as global manufacturing, aerospace, and mechanical and electrical engineering, produce high volumes of complex, technical content that often contains intricate plans, diagrams and charts. Machines and devices often come with manuals, supporting material, and crucial safety instructions for operators or end-users. Why take the risk of leaving those translations to chance?
To enable global distribution, technical communications must be translated professionally. All Travod translators working in this sector have specialized subject matter expertise to ensure 100% accuracy in all target languages. A misplaced decimal point or the use of incorrect terminology can have serious repercussions.

Global organisations working with technical and engineering products cannot afford to have innovation lost in translation. Travod’s translators and DTP specialists work to ensure content, graphics, and diagrams are accurately represented in each locale, to meet the linguistic needs of every local market.

We play close attention to terminology management through the use of Computer Assisted Technology (CAT) and develop glossaries and translation memories (TMs) to ensure jargon is consistent across all translations. We also work to ensure that you benefit from the cost-savings that can be achieved by using these tools, and our teams know how to navigate the latest content management systems (CMS) to ensure the transition is efficient. All projects go through a rigorous QA process in order to meet exacting quality standards, which we often exceed.

Here are some of the industries we support:

  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical & electrical engineering
  • Electronics
  • Architecture
  • Environment, energy & sustainability
  • Aerospace
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