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Global organisations working within scientific industries require high levels of quality and accuracy in translation.


Many products and services in scientific industries contain detailed technical communications, destined for a specialist audience. For distribution in multiple language markets, specialist professional translators must carry out the translation of scientific texts and documents. Translations must remain 100% true to the source materials. An incorrect translation or inconsistent use of terminology could seriously alter the true meaning and have serious consequences.

At Travod, we will only assign translators who are trained in scientific industries and can understand the true meaning and concept of the source materials. High quality and accuracy is crucial for text, tables, charts and diagrams. Travod translators and DTP specialists work quickly and effectively to ensure translated content, graphics and diagrams are truly represented in each and every target locale.

We utilize Computer Assisted Technology (CAT) and develop glossaries and translation memories (TMs) to ensure consistent terminology management and cost-savings for multiple projects. Our teams have knowledge of the latest content management systems (CMS) to ensure the transition from technical authoring to translation is efficient. All our translations go through a rigorous QA process to ensure quality standards are met and, in many cases, exceeded.

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