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Public & Government

Public sector and government agencies require fast, accurate, and secure translations.

Public and government agencies have diverse translation needs. Multilingual content within the public sector must be accurate, with secure handling at all stages of the translation process.  Government text and documents adhere to compliance regulations, have strict laws, and contain specific terminology. It’s essential that any translated versions maintain a consistent, accurate message.

Therefore, it’s essential that experienced, fully vetted professionals with hands-on knowledge from working in the public sector carry out the translation of content. We work with government bodies locally, nationally, and internationally in multiple languages and subject matters. Our ability to deliver on-demand translations within tight deadlines is particularly useful when working with public sector content. We move as fast agencies — all projects are assigned within 20 minutes.

Because materials in the public sector are often confidential, we ensure our translators and processes meet the required levels of security. TRAVOD’s language solutions are perfectly placed to support public sector and government multilingual requirements. We also build translation memories and create glossaries to leverage non-sensitive past translations for fast, accurate delivery. Content in this sector requires agility and responsibility—as well as linguistic and technological excellence.

We support the following areas in the public sector:

  • Central government agencies
  • Local councils
  • Ministerial departments
  • Non-departmental government bodies
  • Executive agencies
  • Health & social care
  • Defense & security
  • NGOs
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