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Medicine & Healthcare

As the world's population rises, so too does the demand for further advances in medical and healthcare solutions.


Global organisations in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and healthcare industries are constantly seeking more innovative solutions to help manage the full spectrum of health needs for populations. All content is highly regulated – after all, medical and healthcare products and services can make the difference between life or death. These industries produce millions of documents pertaining to products and processes that support global health.

To launch medical and healthcare products in multiple countries, all documents and content must be translated in a way that adheres to specific industry regulations, with high levels of quality and accuracy. Travod provides high-quality translations in the medical and healthcare industries, enabling clients across the globe to make sure that their most critical products and equipment reach people in more than 100 languages.

Our proven expertise and tried-and-trusted process is driven by our clients’ industry standards. Only qualified translators with subject matter expertise should undertake the translation of content in the medical and healthcare industry. There is no room for error. All translations must be 100% accurate and adhere to local laws and regulations.

We work with a variety of clients and content types, from individual medical records right through to global Contract Research Organizations (CROs) which need to have clinical trial documentation translated. Our medical translators ensure that language is never a barrier to delivering life-saving solutions across the globe. We respond quickly and efficiently, assigning requests within 20 minutes!

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