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IT & Software

The development & distribution of IT & software for global markets demands agility and timeliness in translation projects.


According to Gartner Research, worldwide IT spending reached $3.4 trillion in 2015, with spending forecast to be in the region of $3.8 trillion by 2020 in current dollars. The IT and software industry is a very crowded marketplace, with new software products, services, apps, innovations and updates released every second of the day in many different countries around the world.

More companies are entering the market and to gain a competitive advantage, the development of local versions of IT products and software is driving many business models in this sector. Savvy consumers have a lot of choices, less product loyalty and demand a software experience that they understand linguistically and culturally. Local preferences and trends will affect how a software product is used in each market.

At the heart of excellent software localisation and translation lies the ability to act fast and develop local versions in an agile way, similar to the overall development approach. The foundation of Travod’s customised translation services is speed. All requests for software translation and internationalization are assigned within 20 minutes and each project is delivered by the agreed deadline, and often sooner.

We understand that every piece of content forms an integral part of your IT and software product range – websites, UI, UA, technical support, help, FAQs, marketing materials – and requires accurate translation to help you reach all your target markets in more than 100 languages.

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