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Spending in the global media industry has rapidly shifted from traditional to digital products & services. The result? Huge volumes of digital content published for a global audience.


Development of global media content has been significantly impacted by increased connectivity and growth in media-sharing and social networking platforms. There has been a shift from high-cost traditional advertising media to lower-cost, higher-volume Internet and mobile advertising. The millennial generation has grown up with media streaming services (whether free or on subscription), often accessed through their mobile devices. We’re in a digital age, bombarded constantly with digital content and advertising. Provided you have connectivity and the right device, targeted brand messages can reach you wherever you are.

Media is a fast-moving, highly competitive industry and TRAVOD’s on-demand translation services can help you create media content to reach local audiences in more than 100 languages. We assign translation requests within 20 minutes and can support a variety of key content types.

From digital advertising, video, audio and websites through to company presentations, specialist TRAVOD translators develop multilingual content that helps achieve brand awareness and drives marketing campaigns in target markets. TRAVOD has the expertise, agility and scalability to support global media campaigns on multiple platforms.

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