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Automotive manufacturers and suppliers need localisation and translation to boost their brand’s image so that they can reach global markets without compromising technical accuracy.


With 73 million new cars sold in 2015 and a growing world population, economic opportunity for automakers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and suppliers is booming. Demand for light vehicles in certain emerging markets in South America, Eastern Europe, South Africa, China, and India is expected to show consistent growth over the next decade.

Global growth is a key business objective for many automotive brands. Localisation and translation enable this sector to sell and distribute products to local markets without a language barrier. Translations must be 100% accurate. Because of technological advancements in digitalization and the development of intelligent cars, communicating function and safety has become quite complex. Inaccuracies of any kind can result in serious harm — or even death. No manufacturer wants to have to recall their product, least of all over a simple mistranslation.

TRAVOD’s experienced translators bring in-depth knowledge of the global automotive industry and its supply chain. Subject matter expertise and linguistic proficiency allow us to deliver translated materials that meet your quality expectations, and all projects go through rigorous QA process.

Our translation services are overseen by Project Managers who deliver 24/7 support to ensure your content is processed and delivered fast and on budget. We also ensure that you benefit from cost-savings by using translation memories (TM) and glossaries. Of course, technology matters too, so our teams are proficient using modern content management systems (CMS) for technological accuracy as well.

Here are some of the areas we support in this sector:

  • Automotive manufacturers
  • OEMs
  • Suppliers resellers
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