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Our Story

Words matter.  Words have enormous power.  TRAVOD believes in making content accessible to everyone.  So, in 2010, we set out to make that happen. Now a leading provider of cost-effective, professional translation services, TRAVOD delivers culturally appropriate language solutions so that people around the world can connect with the natural content experience your brand intended.

To get your message on the grid faster, we’ve built a global network of 25,000+ world-class translators and linguists to process your requests at lightning speed. Together, they deliver multilingual and multicultural content in more than 100 languages.

We specialize in supporting the on-demand business model where language service providers and clients receive speedy, meaningful response and project agility from the first contact through to final project delivery. Our teams provide specialist services including translation, localization, editing, proofreading, transcription, DTP, language technology and LQA.

So far, we’ve served over 6,000 brands worldwide from various industries including technology, marketing, legal, finance, government, automotive, life sciences, travel, games, manufacturing, and media.

Our Values

We enable global communication and bridge language gaps, empowering organizations
to drive international business and create local customer experiences.
To meet that goal, TRAVOD lives by five company values.


Create Happiness


Grow Knowledge


Act Fast & Be Responsive


Get in touch to see how
we can help you.


Work Globally


Excel. Exceed.
It’s why we exist..

Why Choose TRAVOD

TRAVOD brings a global network of translators and linguists to handle immediate
translation requests from language service partners.

20-Minute Response Time

Dedicated resources ensure you never wait longer than 20 minutes for a meaningful response.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our growing global network of 25,000+ translators, linguists, reviewers and technology experts create accurate local content experiences.

Scale Fast

Have a text of 20,000 words to be translated in three days? No problem! Our platform and network of professionals can help you.


Our technology helps our customers to access the leading on-demand translation service and professional network.

We Respect your Budget

Each translation project is developed by our team to fit your allocated budget.

Our Timely Delivery is Key

All projects are delivered within agreed deadlines. Most TRAVOD projects are delivered before your deadline.

Priceless Quality

Our customers get the highest quality at a reasonable price. We work to set and exceed your quality expectations.

Social Responsibility

Language and translations are driven by people. We respect all our employees and partners and strive to develop long-term, strategic relationships.

Persian to Polish? No Problem

With an army of 25000+ professionals we can handle even the most unusual language combinations. Want to know a secret? They're our favorite jobs.

Our Process

Agility is key to our success and we’ve perfected every stage of the translation process.


Our smart inquiry system gets your project in the queue in less than 20 minutes. You brief us on the project: explaining the requirements, special instructions and reference material.
After reviewing your needs, we provide an estimate of cost, time and key project stages. Once you give us the green light, we move on to Stage 2: Production.


Each project is assigned to a TRAVOD project manager and translation team.
Your PM will be in constant communication with the language expert - this means questions are answered and guidance is given whenever necessary. In a nutshell, this keeps everybody on track. Then it goes through the next stage, a translation-editing-proofing process (TEP).


Next up: linguistic reviews are carried out. We discuss the corrections with the language expert and the reviewer. This is when we confirm the final version.
We want to ensure that your translated text corresponds to the original document in layout as well as language, so we undertake any formatting or DTP at this stage.
A final review takes place to ensure content is laid out appropriately in the specified format, allowing for compatibility with multiple platforms including mobile and desktop.

QA & Delivery

TRAVOD has a rigorous QA process to ensure the highest standard of translation quality is delivered. Quality forms the backbone of our processes.
From the point of recruiting best-in-class experts, right through to the creation of translation memories which ensure consistency of terminology, we care deeply about achieving the optimum result for our clients.
Whether your project completed last week or last year, we respond in a timely and efficient manner to any query you might have after delivery.


Ready to translate with TRAVOD?

All requests are assigned within 20 minutes, and our 365-day project management
commitment means your content gets delivered fast.