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January 10, 2017
Don’t get lost in translation when you have a medical emergency

Imagine being in a foreign country and falling ill or having an accident? You may think that arriving at the emergency room where nobody speaks your language will leave you up a creek without a paddle. Or, what happens if you’ve decided to undergo a cosmetic procedure in another country but you cannot speak the native language?

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How sure can you be that you’re not going to get a new nose when you really ordered an eyebrow lift? Fortunately, there is a new angle of health care on the rise: medical tourism.

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November 25, 2016
5 advantages of choosing an on-demand professional translation company

There are several primary benefits to working with a professional translation service provider. By being part of a global network, you can make your business marketable to a wider variety of clients, and you get to connect with customers way beyond your current market. But, without the help of a reputable on-demand translation company, your visions for growth may fall short. Not convinced? on-demand-economy-translation
Here are 5 benefits to enlisting the help of a professional on-demand translation company compared to the more traditional model of translation services.

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