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May 17, 2017
Translators Without Borders – fighting to make the world easier to understand

The latest alien invasion film, “Arrival,” put it best when they said “language is the foundation of civilization. It is a glue that holds people together…”

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks to the likes of Skype, Google Translate, and other barrier-breakers, we’re getting better at understanding and communicating across cultures and languages. And, while machine translation is certainly improving at a rapid pace, it’s not always enough. Communication is merely an aid, but it can only help if it is delivered in the correct language. This is the belief of Translators without Borders.

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May 9, 2017
Celebrating European languages with Europe Day

If you’ve never heard of Europe Day, you may be impressed to learn that it is a dedicated day of celebration of unity and peace throughout Europe.

The Council of Europe celebrates the day on May 5, while the rest of the European Union celebrate on May 9. The day of celebration dates back to 1964, with the idea being that founding members, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands would pool their steel and coal resources to create a common market and import and export duties would be lifted. Interestingly, May 9 coincides with Victory Day, which is celebrated in some parts of Eastern Europe.

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May 4, 2017
Newspeak – is it a fictional language or a controlling weapon?

If you’ve ever immersed yourself in George Orwell’s incredible world of Nineteen Eighty-Four, you will know that the concept revolves around the regime of Big Brother and the control of language, thought, and expression. The state ruled by the Party in the story is called Oceania, and while it is a fictional state ruled by totalitarians, the control the Party has over residents is something quite frightening. That control is depicted in the form of Newspeak.

What is Newspeak?

Newspeak is Oceania’s official language. It is the controlled language in the state and it is made up of a limited vocabulary and restricted grammar.

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