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January 16, 2018
Do Computer-Assisted Translation Tools Really Enhance A Linguist’s Job?

Contrary to popular belief, computer-assisted translation (CAT) isn’t a relatively new concept. Long before every household boasted a desktop computer, researchers had already developed a simple tool to translate words from one language to another.

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January 2, 2018
Top Translation Conferences To Attend In 2018

It’s already 2018 and it is time to mark your calendars for the upcoming translation conferences. These conferences will allow you to learn the latest techniques in translation and localisation services as well as offer networking opportunities with professionals as well as clients in the industry. Be sure to add them to your schedule.

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November 28, 2017
Make Sure You’re Measuring Your Customer’s Translation Performance

What do you do to measure your customer’s translation performance? Unless you are measuring results, you can’t possibly tell if you are succeeding or failing with your service.

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