January 3, 2017
What we learned at the TAUS 2016 Annual Conference

At TRAVOD, we always strive to keep on top of trends and emerging concepts. That’s why we headed to the TAUS 2016 Annual Conference!


The TAUS Annual Conference was held at the Sentinel in Portland. The annual event is the perfect opportunity for industry experts, like us, and newcomers to discover what is happening in the translation industry and to brainstorm strategies and new alliances. TRAVOD was pleased to attend this year’s conference and take part in some of the panel discussions and network with fellow industry influencers. Here are just some of 2016’s key takeaways that we plan to implement or improve upon in our business. 

Trends Are Moving More Towards MT Engines

According to the “Future” panel, translators and post-editors are being overlooked for MT engines which can work faster. However, this does mean a compromise on quality, and therefore, we still need experienced, thorough, and meticulous translators, especially in the areas of marketing, copyrighting, literature, and poetry. Fortunately, we have a great team right at our fingertips to help with all your translation needs.

Improving MT Quality

MT quality is always a major focal point for the translation industry. Recent advances in MT are now pushing the boundaries and the industry may have to start looking at different metrics for neural MT engines.

Data-Driven Platforms are the Way Forward

It seems that data-driven platforms are quickly taking over from businesses who still rely only on human intuition for finding the most appropriate translator for a project, which technology to use for different types of content, and deciding what and what not to translate. Participants at the event were able to compile a list of data that could be tracked to make translators’ work more efficient. As an industry, we now need to determine how to collaborate certain data, like number of words per hour, and extract the required intelligence. We’re already forging ahead with this at TRAVOD.

Crowdsourced Translation

This key take away was of particular importance to us at TRAVOD. The number of crowdsourcing platforms is on the rise, but there are those who still question the quality of such services, the risks involved, and the advantages over traditional translation models.

TRAVOD was fortunate to sit on the panel for this discussion and showcase our platforms that enable us to deliver larger volumes of translation more efficiently. Crowdsourcing has become a convenient way to combine crowds with professional translation services, making way for large volumes of low-cost translation at top quality levels in a limited amount of time.

Translation and the Cloud

The localization industry is turning to the cloud. According to the results of a TAUS survey, 78% of respondents work in the cloud in one way or another.

Translation is certainly a dynamic industry. While these are just a few of the key points from this year’s conference, the industry is undergoing many changes from technological advances ushering in a range of new challenges to the way translators work, train, and earn a living, to the role machinery and the cloud now play in the business.

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