January 2, 2018
Top Translation Conferences To Attend In 2018

It’s already 2018 and it is time to mark your calendars for the upcoming translation conferences. These conferences will allow you to learn the latest techniques in translation and localisation services as well as offer networking opportunities with professionals as well as clients in the industry. Be sure to add them to your schedule.

February And March Translation Conferences

  • Together – Elia: Held in Athens, Greece, on Feb. 22-23, this translation conference will join together language professionals with language service companies to provide an environment where they can share information.
  • Project Managers Round Table – The Localisation Institute: Located in Heidelberg, Germany, on Feb. 26-28, the Project Managers Round Table will dig deep to provide a better understanding of localisation management issues as well as the priorities for the providers of these services.
  • GALA 2018 – Globalization and Localisation Association: GALA 2018 will reside in Boston, Mass., on March 13-16. It will allow the global content community to come together with a mutual goal for mutual success.
  • AMTA 2018 – Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Also located in Boston, Mass, on March 17-21, this translation conference offers information on the latest advancements that have been made in machine translation.
  • 9th Annual International Translation Conference – Translation and Interpreting Institute: This translation conference held on March 27-28 in Doha, Qatar, offers translation professionals the opportunity to discuss how the digital age has transformed the industry through a call of papers and speakers.

April, May And June Translation Conferences

  • LocWorld36 Tokyo: Held in Tokyo, Japan, on April 3-5, LocWorld36 brings together key professionals to discuss international business, website management, translation, and localisation.
  • 13th EUATC International Conference – European Union of Associations of Translation: This translation conference is located in Madrid, Spain, on April 19-20 and has an emphasis on promoting the globalization of the language industry.
  • ND Focus – Elia’s networking days for Executives: Held May 3 to 4 in Sicily, Italy, this translation conference brings together industry decision-makers in an effort to create thought-provoking You are sure to meet someone new as well as learn a new idea or two.
  • European Association for Machine Translation: When you attend EAMT 2018 in Alacant, Spain, on May 28-30, you will find that yourself immersed in the world of machine translation and the resources that are used to cultivate this technology forward. Attendees include researchers, developers, users, translators, marketing professionals, and managers.
  • LocWorld37 Warsaw: This translation conference is held June 6-8 in Warsaw, Poland and focuses on all aspects of translation, localisation, website management, and international business, offering you three days of learning about the global marketplace and its communication capabilities.

October And November Translation Conferences

  • 59th ATA Conference: The Americans Translators Association will work to foster the growth of translators and interpreters by emphasizing professional development of these positions. This translation conference is held in New Orleans, La., on Oct 24-27.
  • tcworld 2018 – tekom: Located in Stuttgart, Germany, on Nov 13-15, tcworld has a deep focus on localisation topics. It features sessions as well as exhibitions on technical communication and informational development.

Attending one or all of these translation conferences is sure to provide you plenty of opportunity in 2018 and beyond. We hope to see you there!