October 14, 2016
Linguist Expertise

We only use translators for scientific projects who have extensive experience and can understand the meaning and concept of the source science materials. All our linguists and translators are highly qualified native speakers who can work with the latest content management systems (CMS) and translation tools required for effective technical translations. Clients benefit from streamlined translation efficiency and cost-savings associated with the latest technologies used for technical authoring and translation. Terminology management is key. TRAVOD translators work with glossaries to maintain key terms and jargon are used consistently throughout projects.

All our translators and linguists must meet the following strict criteria:

  • Native speaker of the target language
  • Proven experience as a translator for at least five years
  • Relevant translation qualifications in languages and specialist subject matter
  • Willingness to take and pass various translation tests; these assessments examine linguistic ability and knowledge of subject matter
  • Linguists are continually evaluated on all projects and are only considered part of the TRAVOD team after the successful completion of five live assignments.