December 13, 2016
(Press) On-demand service Travod set to revolutionize professional translation

Travod is intent on revolutionizing the translation industry by proposing a new and highly-efficient business model designed to help their customers expand their content globally and ultimately increase their revenue.


The Global-based startup is an on-demand service that leverages the best technology in the field and the skills and experience of its 25,000+ language experts and professional translators to offer fast and quality services at only a fraction of the cost charged by other similar companies in the market.

This business model has proved to be highly successful, as the company has served more than 6,000 brands to date and has increased revenue by 500 percent over the last three years.

This on-demand business model and the use of a distributed workforce – in this case a global network of language professionals, place Travod well ahead of the curve in its industry as they allow the company to provide very fast and high-quality service with minimum expenses. By conducting most of its operations online and by working with experts from all over the world, the company can ensure permanent service and a quick response time, along with access to the most qualified person for each project.

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