August 9, 2017
Everything you need to know about TRAVOD’s Referral Program

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to earn cash by referring new clients to TRAVOD. The referral program makes it simple for anyone to become a partner, provided that each referral passes the company’s legitimacy validation process.

Current clients, though, can skip that process. Instead, they can automatically get involved with the referral program and start recommending the company’s services to their contacts.

Why refer Travod?

TRAVOD is proud of its results-oriented approach to every project. We strive to deliver the highest quality at the most affordable prices. Clients who recommend referrals to Travod can take advantage of expert services, including all types of translation and localisation, editing and proofreading, subtitling and transcription, and upon request, desktop publishing. Best of all, there is no limit to the amount of referrals a partner can make to Travod, provided each is a new one.

And while we’re here, check out this cheat sheet of why you actually should refer Travod to your colleagues, business partners and friends. Take note!


How to get onboard with the Referral Program

Getting onboard with the referral program is fast and problem-free. Firstly, a sign-up form must be filled in, after which a unique code will be sent. Once a client refers a contact, the company will register that contact in its project-management system and the client can redeem the code. The code must be given to referrals who will use it just once, when the initial order is placed. Finally, partners can use the monthly reporting system to determine how much they’re earning from their referrals. A 7% referral fee is paid for each invoice sent to the referral during the year, and each referral will enjoy a 5% discount off the initial order. Payments are made on the 15th of each month during the first year of work with the referrals, and payment is made once the referral reward reaches the minimum amount of 500 EUR/GBP/USD. Otherwise, it will roll over to the next month.

It’s quick and easy to become a Travod referral partner. It’s profitable for you, and it introduces new clients to the company’s plethora of services. Register here for Travod Partnership Program.