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September 14, 2017
68% of LSPs offer website globalization – here’s why it’s a growing industry

In a recent CSA survey, 68.1% of respondents, all of which were LSPs, said they offer website globalization. So, where in the world are these providers located?

How do they manage to grow so rapidly, and what percentage of their revenue do they see from this service?

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September 8, 2017
Even the healthcare industry needs translation metrics – but why? Healthcare companies spend more than $5 million on localisation

Translation performance metrics are important for the healthcare industry. It’s a sector which has faced a great deal of scrutiny from certification and regulatory bodies over the years and it spends in excess of $5 million per year on localisation.

From technical materials to clinical trial content, packaging, labeling, patient instructions, software and more, materials must be reviewed meticulously for multilingual content workflow.

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