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April 7, 2017
Subtitling, dubbing, and personal preference

Do countries with subtitles tend to speak better English than those who have dubbing? Does the integration of English into a foreign culture have an impact on that country’s fluency in English? The answers are fascinating!

The 2013 EF English Proficiency Index surveyed 60 different countries. The main countries, Norway, Netherlands, and Sweden, all use subtitles as opposed to dubbing for everything other than children’s programs. However, in France, Italy, and Spain, dubbing is mainly used for television and movies and the countries show only a moderate to low proficiency in English, with Spain ranking 23rd, France 35th, and Italy 32nd. It is similar in the Latin American countries, too, where Brazil ranked 38th and Uruguay came in at 29th.

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April 1, 2017
New movie, no script, big names. How will they do it?

Have you heard about the latest Mel Gibson movie in the making? The big Hollywood project is set to make history. Not because of the big names from around the globe, the fact that parts of the movies are to be filmed on every continent (let’s not even get into the budget that must have been allocated for that), or the fact that the list of stars are multicultural, multilingual, and yet set to speak their mother-tongue in the movie – but, in a groundbreaking move for a Hollywood movie – there is no script.

Yes, you read correctly – there is no script. Before we get into that, take a look at the list of cast members Gibson has secured so far:

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