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April 28, 2017
81 million generation X’s and their consumer behavior

Brands spend a lot of time worrying about Generation X. They worry about engaging them and retaining their loyalty. Generation X is the 34 – 45-year age group who now have more spending power than any other group.

Look at the figures:

  • There are 81 million people that make up Generation X
  • They have 31% more spending power than any other generation
  • 60% use a smartphone every day
  • Only 4 out of 10 stick to brands that they like

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April 20, 2017
How to use under- and overserved languages in your business

According to research from the Common Sense Advisory (CSA), global businesses tend to translate into what they determine are the most profitable languages. But, those businesses are really missing out on huge opportunities.

Some languages, such as Persian and Hebrew, have historically shown lower use on websites of renowned brands, whereas other languages, such as Slovak and Bulgarian, appear more often than their limited market size necessitates.

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April 14, 2017
Who really buys translation services?

How many businesses do you know of that buy translation services? In fact, 59 percent of marketers say there is no money for translation. But, there are several industries that can benefit greatly from translation services to reach a wider market.

5 Sectors that benefit from translation services

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