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February 24, 2017
Expand your video hits with multilingual captions and subtitles

Video has become a popular marketing tool. No longer is it just the big-budget companies that can afford to produce enticing promotional videos. Today, many companies have in-house production teams complete with editing software. Over 50% of businesses that use video say it is a real challenge to promote the content they produce.


So, how many of those businesses have considered the major benefits of video translation?

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February 17, 2017
Decisions are shaped by the language we use

How do you make decisions in your business? Many decisions are based on the business language you use, and the foreign markets you want to reach, which means we seldom make the same decisions in a foreign language than we do in our native one. In fact, experts seem to argue that dealing with a foreign language actually limits our decision-making processes.

So, let’s explore further.

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February 10, 2017
Translation vendor vs. translation partner: the benefits of having a reliable partner

How often have you sent off a project for translation only to be left feeling somewhat cold by the process? You sent it in, you received the translation, you paid the company, and that was it – no follow up, no after-care, no sense of client satisfaction. That’s a translation vendor for your – a once off relationship with very little in the way of customer care.

Now, imagine enjoying a myriad of benefits when you have translation work to be done. Imagine a handy centralized process, professional quality control, and – most importantly – cost savings. Imagine having all your localization and translation needs taken care off while you take care of running your business. That’s what a translation partner can do for you.

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