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December 22, 2016
TRAVOD is translating “santaclausian”. Merry Christmas!

Dear friends, winter holidays are probably the most important holidays on the planet. (Yes, even in China.)

But first and foremost, they are important to you. We hope you are able to spend time with friends, family, plan your New Year’s resolutions and visualize your greatest achievements for the year ahead.

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December 13, 2016
(Press) On-demand service Travod set to revolutionize professional translation

Travod is intent on revolutionizing the translation industry by proposing a new and highly-efficient business model designed to help their customers expand their content globally and ultimately increase their revenue.


The Global-based startup is an on-demand service that leverages the best technology in the field and the skills and experience of its 25,000+ language experts and professional translators to offer fast and quality services at only a fraction of the cost charged by other similar companies in the market.

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December 7, 2016
Free ultimate quality checklist for translation and localization

Whether you are a localization manager or project manager in the translation industry, it is critical that before you deliver a translation project, you carefully go through a review checklist for quality assurance.

In fact, part of completing the project should be the process of following the checklist. It’s pretty much a list of items that require verification before submitting the project to the client.
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