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Free 250 words translation

Some agencies charge you for even a few words. Try our services without payment or risk. Get the first 250 words of your project translated for free. Complete the project with us if you’re pleased.

Save the Up Front Payment

While other agencies charge you before they even begin a translation, TRAVOD asks only for a 50% deposit on delivery and the remainder, net 30 days. We also offer flexible payment terms to suit your needs.

Reduce Translation Costs by up to 60%

Never pay twice for the same translation! TRAVOD's advanced memory software keeps track of translated text so you only pay for newly translated words. In the long run you save up to 60% on translation costs!

About us

At TRAVOD International our focus is on you, the customer. We know you are looking for excellence in translation, local subject matter experts and fast, easy, stress-free translation services. No matter how specialized your project, TRAVOD has experts in fields such as science and technology, legal, medical and business standing by to help you.


Our Services
Translation Services

When a company is expanding, going abroad or targets a specific language pair the main goal is to deliver the information in customer's language. TRAVOD's qualified team translates legal documents, product descriptions, websites and other texts which tight customers and international businesses.

Transcription Services

Transcription is the process of making a written copy of spoken words. Numerous businesses, and legal and medical professionals use this service to provide records or translations of speeches and special events. Why not use TRAVOD for your next event, speech, or seminar, so that the attendees can have a written summary in their own language.

Interpreting Services

Interpreting is the process of simultaneous translation carried out with the aid of special interpreting equipment. This type of translation is often requested for conferences and other big events attended by large numbers of people. If you're hosting an event where the participants speak more than one language, then this is the easiest way for people to connect. We offer interpreting services in more than 70 countries around the World. Whether you need simultaneous or telephone interpreting TRAVOD provides perfect delivery. Don't hesitate; choose TRAVOD to be your guide.

  • Whispered simultaneous interpreting (for a group of no more than 4 people)
  • Consecutive interpreting (recommended for a larger group, interpreting done in blocks)
  • Telephone interpreting (recommended for phone conferences).

  • Testimonials

    Having consulted several translation agencies in the past, we're pleased to now work with Travod as they have been flexible enough to adopt their way of working to the translation framework we have for our site. This cuts time for us enormously compared to passing documents back and forth and ensures that the translator gets a good contextual understanding of the texts .

    David Ekholm
    founder and CEO jAlbum AB

    Our Process

    From small to large companies, you'll find we manage and produce the highest quality translations. We help companies like yours meet their specific translation requirements regardless of the size of a project or the extent of their requirements. You'll have a dedicated project manager for every project. This gives you a personal contact who is familiar with your exact specifications and communication needs, ensuring a good working relationship.

    This is how we approach every new project:

    1.Needs Analysis

    Our managers work with you to find out exactly what you want on every one of your projects.


    We make sure the right people and processes are in place to give you world class customer service.

    3.Working Process

    We focus on providing quality in the process, while meeting your needs for consistency and formatting.


    The last stage is ensuring long-term satisfaction. We provide post project assistance up to 60 days.



    from 0.06EUR or 0.08USD per word
    • Articles, letters, web-sites, menus
    • 100% Moneyback
    • Quality Assured
    • Native Translator
    • Project Management included
    • FREE quality software review
    • Reviewed by 2nd translator
    • Unlimited post-revisions


    from 0.07EUR or 0.09USD per word
    • Technical, financial, legal, medical documents
    • 100% Moneyback
    • Quality Assured
    • Native Translator
    • Project Management included
    • FREE quality software review
    • Reviewed by 2nd translator
    • Unlimited post-revisions


    from 0.1EUR or 0.12USD per word
    • Highest quality translations for every text
    • 100% Moneyback
    • Quality Assured
    • Native Translator
    • Project Management included
    • FREE quality software review
    • Review by 2nd translator
    • Unlimited post-revisions

    Our Clients

    We have the privilege of working with more than 500 companies. From small to large businesses, we create added value for each of our clients.